Saturday, October 30, 2010

Uncle Vester told it all to me!


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Vester Presley, Elvis's uncle, was one of the security guards who worked the front gate at Graceland. He used to drive a pink, jeep, full of Elvis fans, to the front of the mansion. He'd also sell photo postcards of the mansion to those who didn't have a camera to take pictures. The .50c per photo was added income for him, although he said, "Elvis would be mad as hell if he knew about it." Vester's gray hair was neat and cut short. "Elvis didn't use hairspray because it was causing his hair to fall out," Vester confided in me. "I stopped using it too for a while, but I'm back on it. If I lose my hair, I lose it," he continued.

"People thought Elvis had it made, but he was very lonely. He used to lock himself in his room, upstairs, and he had a telescope which he used to watch people across the street in the shopping mall and to see his fans at the gate. His meals would be left on a tray outside his locked bedroom door. He would eat whenever he got hungry. He'd stay in his room for days at a time, not talking to anyone. Around 1970 he got into the habit of taking pills. He'd take pills to wake up, to get started in the morning, and then he would take pills to go to sleep. I don"t know of him taking anything other than those pills.

He couldn't even be alone with any women because he might get them pregnant. There were a couple of times where he paid off a couple of girls who claimed he got them pregnant, just to get rid of them. It was very depressing and the Colonel had him watched, to see no girls were alone with him. He'd have some gals come over to Graceland, but they wouldn't be alone. Gene Smith and a bunch of the guys would always be around and they would sit and watch television. I'm sure the girls were bored, except for the fact that they were there with Elvis.

Vester showed me Elvis's trophy room, which was located on the ground floor, to the right of the mansion. All of Elvis's gold records were there, as well as other trophies and plaques. "Elvis was good hearted, He bought a ranch and gave away over $200,000 in cars and trucks to the employees. He regretted it the next day but it was too late to take them back. This was during the time he didn't have that kind of money to throw away. One of the guys, who got a truck, was happy as hell and he drove it here and said, "Look what Elvis gave me." He was the happiest guy in the world.'

'Your friend, Nick Adams, used to come to Graceland quite often and he would spend quite a while with me at the gate. Nick and Elvis were real close friends. I really miss Nick. He was a lot of fun. Elvis owned 51% of R.C.A. records. He owned the controlling interests of the company. (Dakota: This was disputed by a person at R.C.A.). Elvis had a problem with girls sneaking into the mansion. The wall isn't very high and every day we'd find someone in there who had snuck in. Elvis even found a couple, hidden under his bed.

Elvis bought his Dad a $28,000 Mercedes Benz and one for himself. He bought one for the Mayor of Memphis ($18,000) and another $18,000 for the Chief of Police. They were really good to Elvis. If we ever needed the police, they would be here right away. When he was living in Bel-Air, he phoned his dad and said he wanted his Mercedes driven out to him. It had a police radio-band in it and he missed it. I don't know why he didn't just have one put in the car he had out there. He always had a half dozen or more cars at this home. Elvis used to get a kick out of listening to police calls. He had no privacy and had to make-up his own entertainment. He only lived in the mansion (Graceland) about three months out of the year. He was always home at Christmas. When Elvis's mom died, it broke his heart. He never could get over it. He was really close to her. He could never accept his stepmother.

We had to change our phone number about every three weeks. It seems someone must have been selling it to their friends. Even the private gate phone, has to always be changed."

(Dakota: If Elvis had been on hard drugs, it's not unusual in itself, since drugs seem to be an escape for many celebrities. We, the public, denied him his privacy. We drove him into the upstairs room where he was a near recluse. We wouldn't leave him alone, when he did leave the mansion. Now, he's alone, and doesn't have to be bothered about, "remembering the words to his songs, or gaining weight." As the words say in another song, seems Elvis was like, "he lived fast, loved hard, died young and left a beautiful memory.")

( Writer Goldman exposes Elvis.